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Seberg – advertising system for plates and information boards

The Seberg advertising system that we use allows us to create flat-design door name plates and multi-segment collective boards. Versatile plexiglass nameplates, installed at entrance or interior doors, are an important part of wayfinding and facility signage. On the other hand, larger collective boards allow you to exhibit building plans, employee lists, evacuation instructions, floor layouts, and other important information.
We offer all kinds of projects related to the use of the flat-design board system. After finding out your needs, we manufacture relevant plexiglass plates with prints. We also provide installation services. Learn more about the boards made under the Seberg system and contact our specialist.

What makes Seberg products different?

Flat-design door name plates Flat-design door plates made under the Seberg system, are manufactured from customizable aluminum profiles. Depending on your individual preferences, we use raw or silver anodized profiles. These products are durable, and the information presented on them is highly legible.

A wide range of panel heights ensures versatile use. They can be used to design both simple plates and multi-segment collective boards. The boards are versatile enough to be suspended from the ceiling using cables.

We have many years of experience in the production of plexiglass signs and plates. This allows us to advise you on the most beneficial solution. We work with you to select models that match the nature of your facility and the services you provide. If you choose our products, you will get top quality boards.

Where can the Seberg advertising system be used?

Large information boards and flat-design door name plates can be used in various locations:

●      Schools and universities. Seberg's boards provide floor layout and schedule information.

●      Offices and institutions. The plates are placed by each door to help locate a particular room or office quickly and easily.

●      Hotels and other lodging facilities. Information boards are essential for providing information on breakfast hours, service prices, or tourist attractions in the area.

●      Retail and service outlets. Seberg boards can provide information on opening hours or pricing.

●      Medical facilities. In hospitals and clinics, products made under the Seberg system often show the layout of wards or offices of individual specialists.

These are just a few application possibilities for plexiglass signs. Check out all Seberg products available from our online store. If you are looking for a tailor-made project, contact our specialist.


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