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Tasteful and durable street furniture

We create functional and timeless pieces of street, garden and utilitarian furniture. Working with the investor, the MAGIT design team will bring your vision to life to the tiniest detail. We are also open to novelties, and our experts can suggest innovative solutions that are worth considering. Street furniture manufactured by MAGIT is a range of pieces that create a cohesive landscape in public spaces. Feel free to contact our representative to learn more about our offer.

Why street furniture matters

Street furniture, if carefully designed and deployed, has important functional and aesthetic functions. It helps organize the public space and creates a unique character for the location. Using various pieces, architects can create neat and well-ordered places, encouraging residents and tourists to spend time outdoors. On the other hand, solutions with informative functions affect the positive image of city authorities or executives managing public space. In any situation, it is worth investing in street furniture that is perfected to the smallest detail. This is made possible by collaboration with the MAGIT design team.

Street furniture – MAGIT’s broad range of products

We have been manufacturing street and garden furniture pieces for years. Among the most commonly chosen are ergonomic bencheswaste bins, and bicycle stands. When it comes to street furniture, benches prove to be absolutely essential to ensure user comfort and convenience. Waste bins and bicycle stands promote order and aesthetics in streets, promenades, parks, squares, and similar places.

For spaces intended for travelers – platforms, train and tram stations, and bus stops – our offer includes the design and construction of sheltersshowcases with frieze, and various types of information boards. Products created as part of our garden furniture range are the answer to the needs of facilities operating in the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafés, and hotels.

See our portfolio and benefit from our offer

Each order is handled by a team of experts, so you can trust us with any project. Our credentials are confirmed by many completed projects.

You can see some of them on our Street furniture portfolio page. You can find there one of the demanding projects we implemented in collaboration with PKP PLK S.A.

If you have any queries about the scope of our services or would like a detailed quote, please feel free to contact our experts.


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