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Soothing music

As part of our offer for music for establishments we provide customized playlists consisting of 130-160 tracks, which is about 8 hours of looped playback by fixed playing schedules. The playlist can also be put in a daily track shuffle mode.

Our consultants work with you on an ongoing basis to suggest a monthly playlist as audience-friendly as possible and relevant to the specifics of your organization such as a bank, store or restaurant, etc. Your assigned consultant takes time to arrange the music and often blends in music at the request of your staff or clients.

It is worth noting that the music commissioned from us is not random, but well conceived and is a unique compilation of tracks backed by knowledge and passion.

Types of music for establishments

Commercial music

  • Greatest hits of recent decades
  • Playlists tailored to the character of the location and the audience
  • License and royalty guarantee

Royalty free music

  • Rights-cleared music
  • Original tracks you won't hear on the radio
  • Guaranteed royalty-free

Sample genres of music in our offer

Muzyka POP
Muzyka ROCK
Muzyka DANCE
Muzyka JAZZ
Muzyka SWING
Muzyka HIP HOP

Sensory or emotional marketing

We can use audio marketing in any location where customers show up and interact with your brand.

Music accompanies us in everyday situations. We often listen to it in cars when commuting to work and hear it from the speakers in stores when shopping. Studies show that we make purchasing decisions mostly on impulse at the point of sale.

This is why brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their sales by using auditory stimuli to create a shopping-friendly environment.
Marketing sensoryczny
Profesjonalny audiomarketing od Magit

Is it worth taking advice from experts?

Modern marketing focuses on influencing audiences through emotions. To trigger a specific response, we first need to identify the audience and find out their preferences. A different kind of music will work in a youth clothing store and another in a posh restaurant.

An important aspect of choosing the right kind of tracks is also the location where it is to be played. The background music in the restaurant will put us in a good mood but provided that the rhythms are not too fast and intense, and will allow us to carry on conversations.

One of the factors to consider when creating a playlist is to outsource it to professionals who are well-versed in music but also familiar with its psychological impact on the listener.

Our professional playlists are prepared by dedicated music consultants. They are passionate musicians with an unparalleled knowledge of music – from the last decades of the previous century to the contemporary works of the youngest generation.

They are up to date with music novelties and trends on all continents, listen to global radio stations, and collaborate with well-known music stations in Poland.
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