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Magit museum projects

MAGIT can arrange a modern, multimedia-based museum space – from inception to execution. Our wealth of experience in this area allows us to offer comprehensive museum exhibition systems – both traditional ones (including lighting) and multimedia-based ones.

Muzeum Śląskie (Silesian Museum)
in Katowice

We developed outdoor and indoor signage for the entire museum:

  • Direction and information signs, pictograms, outdoor and indoor totems, logotype on the building, film graphics on glass, painted graphics on walls
  • InfoKiosk with an app (with accessibility features)
  • Mobile app to assist in museum tours
  • A beacon network
  • A wall of monitors with multimedia content
  • Deployment of the exhibition
  • Conducting a training for museum employees

Museum in Bukowiec – Multimedia forest

Opracowaliśmy elementy wystawiennicze:

  • Dedicated 3D architectural elements, decorative dividers, pedestals for exhibits, as well as signage with descriptions of the items on display
  • Multimedia elements: interactive infokiosks, presentation monitors, interactive floor and multimedia projections – a multimedia forest
  • Interactive multimedia and presentation apps with animations on the multimedia screens
  • Deployment of the exhibition
  • Conducting a training for museum employees

Beskie Centrum Dziedzictwa (Besko Heritage Center)

We comprehensively equipped the three-story facility:

Exhibition elements:

·         Bespoke showcases, exhibition tables and themed compartments

·         3D decorative elements

·         Large-format graphics

Reconstruction of an old cottage with multimedia and animatronics:

·         A reconstruction of an old Galician cottage, the activities and work of its inhabitants and the equipment they used (furniture: table, chairs, cradle, oven, paintings, floor matching that of a Galician cottage, mannequins in historical outfits).

·         Animation presenting everyday work of the cottage inhabitants, e.g. spinning yarn, etc.

Multimedia elements:

·         interactive infokiosks, presentation monitors in dedicated frames, tablets for multimedia-based exhibitions.

Equipping the performance hall located on one of the stories:

·         stage, audience seating, curtain, stage lighting, sound etc.

Deployment of the exhibition and training for museum employees

Muzeum Drukarstwa (Printing Museum) in Nowy Targ

We designed the museum arrangement as well as its functional layout:

·         Drawing up the exhibition arrangement in the halls of the printing museum

·         Specifying, selecting and providing the multimedia equipment

·         Designing, delivering and installing the complete lighting system for the museum

Exhibition elements:

·         Showcases with lighting and descriptions of the exhibits

·         Large-format prints on plastic film, paper and fabric

·         Plastic film graphics on floors, printed display walls, poster displays for browsing, etc.

·         Photo booth and specially developed app for taking dedicated photos as souvenirs

Multimedia components:

·         Interactive infokiosks, monitors, multimedia tables, projector displays

·         Developing scenarios, apps and multimedia animations

·         Professional maintenance of a historical printing press

·         Digitization of collection – several hundred exhibits

·         Deployment of the exhibition and training for museum employees

Museum in Lwówek Śląski – The natural and geological wealth of the Lwówek region

We developed the concept for the exhibition arrangement:

·         Designing the arrangement and functional layout, as well as preparing visualizations and working designs for each element, etc.

·         Preparation of the full working documentation and obtaining permission from the historic preservation officer

Exhibition equipment elements:

·         Manufacturing dedicated showcases and exhibition walls with lighting

Multimedia components:

·         Selection of multimedia equipment: interactive infokiosks, presentation monitors, listening stations, etc.

·         Design and manufacture of graphics for the museum walls

·         Delivery of the mineral collection in coordination with the museum

·         Deployment of the exhibition and training for museum employees

Muzeum Wsi Radomskiej (Radom Village Museum)

We replaced the flooring in the museum:

·         Preparation of the existing surface and installation of a floor made from solid wood panels

Multimedia components:

·         Delivery and installation of a touchscreen monitor and a system for listening to multimedia content related to the subject matter of the exhibition

·         Development of a multimedia app, including designing its graphical layout

Exhibition elements:

·         Replacement of the exhibition system and auxiliary equipment

·         Manufacture and installation of graphical signs

·         Design and manufacture of exhibit captions

·         Manufacture and installation of permanent design elements of the exhibition area (pilaster casings, boards in the background of exhibition niches, shelving systems) and replacement of the lining of display pedestals

Inspection and maintenance of the ventilation system
Deployment of the exhibition and training for museum employees

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