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Lightboxes and signboards

What are advertising lightboxes?

A lightbox is a type of illuminated advertising installed usually outside a building. The advertisement can be installed parallel (single-sided lightbox) or perpendicular (double-sided or projecting lightbox) to the facade. A lightbox can be successfully used as an outdoor advertising signboard.

In advertising, lightboxes are an important part of your brand's visual strategy. They are used in the form of company logos, directional panels, or billboards. In shopping malls, you can see them above the store entrance or on a building facade. A lightbox can act as an informational and wayfinding device, as well as an attractive showcase for your company.

Our lightboxes are made of weather-resistant materials, so they look great for years. These outdoor advertising signs are available at convenient prices. Working with us, you get complete support from our seasoned specialists who can advise you on the best solutions to use.

Lightboxes and signboards – check our previous projects

We have completed many projects involving the production of lightboxes for advertising. Our clients included Glogovia Shopping Mall, Hebe drugstores, Komfort furniture stores and many others. See the pictures of the advertising signs made by us on 3D advertising portfolio page.

Types of lightboxes in our range

Dibond lightboxes

Dibond is a modern material combining plastic and aluminum. It is easy to cut even very intricate signs and patterns in it. The cut out elements, lined with colored plexiglass and backlit by LED light, look elegant and unique even at night. The uniform surface of the lightbox, with no visible frame, gives it an attractive look, and this is why this material is the most popular choice among our customers. An undeniable benefit of Dibond is also its resistance to weather conditions. Such an outdoor illuminated advertising sign will have a great impact on your image.

Benefits of Dibond lightboxes:

●      Cut out in virtually any pattern

●      Relatively low weight

●      Can be backlit from the inside

●      Weather resistance

●      Double-sided lightbox is possible

Maximum dimensions of a Dibond lightbox: 3.8 × 1.3 m

Lightboxes made of lightbox profiles

The lightbox side is made of an aluminum lightbox profile that makes up a frame. A sheet of plexiglass is inserted into the profile that is then illuminated from inside the lightbox. This gives easy access to the inside of the lightbox, making it easy to replace the lighting. The aluminum frame can be powder coated in any color. We use 80, 100 and 160 mm wide profiles for our structures.

Benefits of the lightbox profile:

●      Lower price compared to Dibond

●      Easy access to the inside of the lightbox

●      Backlighting capability

●      Double-sided lightbox is possible

●      Can be painted in any color

Maximum dimensions of a lightbox made of profiles: 3 × 1.5 m

Large-format lightboxes with SignFlex flexible front panels

The SignFlex face tensioning system is our proprietary solution for making visually pleasing large-format lightboxes. It involves making a special aluminum frame, to which a vinyl face is attached. The face is tensioned by a system of gears hidden in the frame profile.

The advantage of this solution over the previously mentioned one is the possibility of making a lightbox in any shape and size, even in the form of channel letters. The vinyl facing material is transparent, so the lightbox can be illuminated with LED lighting and then the light is diffused over the entire surface of the lightbox. An outdoor advertising sign is one of the best options, additionally available at a reasonable price.

Benefits of a lightbox with a flexible front panel:

●      No limitation on lightbox size

●      Any shape

●      Backlighting capability

●      Printing of any graphic

●      Mounting on a facade or on a free-standing structure

Maximum dimensions of a lightbox with a flexible front panel: any size

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