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Comfortable seating and bicycle shelters

We provide comprehensive seating and bicycle shelter projects. These small infrastructure pieces can successfully be used outdoors, e.g. on the bus or train station platforms. We offer you our full assistance in selecting suitable materials, and if necessary, we have our own design and installation team at your disposal. See what we offer.

How passenger shelters are built

Platform shelters serve as the primary service areas for travelers. Seating shelters are equipped with:

●      Ergonomic bench with a seat and a wooden backrest

●      Armrests on both sides, and

●      A handrail that allows travelers to have a rest while standing

A shelter designed this way ensures a comfortable place to rest. Combined with other street furniture – waste bins and information showcases – it creates a uniform infrastructure and organizes public space.

Green roof shelters

This green trend of recent years is gaining popularity. It manifests itself in the development of roofs of garden sheds, garages, and waste bin sheds, but also in urban architecture. Green roofs in neighborhood backyards improve the ambient microclimate in addition to trapping dust and dirt. A significant advantage of plant-covered roofs is that they retain rainwater so that less rainwater is drained into the sewer system. The use of special drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants gives it a maintenance-free character. Plants placed on roofs reduce the ambient temperature and are a good habitat for insects.

The green roof shelter designed by Magit is a sturdy structure made of galvanized steel and painted in any RAL color. We build shelters to any size and for any purpose: bicycle shelters, bus shelters and waste bin sheds.

Among our green solutions for urban architecture, there are photovoltaic shelters of Ozeus brand. The shelter with photovoltaic panels on the roof uses solar energy and converts it into electric power needed, for example, to charge phones or tablets, illuminate the timetable showcase, or light the shelter.

Wiaty z zielonym dachem
Wiaty rowerowe z zielonym dachem

Shelters made of durable materials

We make platform and bicycle shelters from materials designed for use in public areas. We ensure that we use only components with technical parameters suitable for this purpose. These include materials with high resistance to wear due to mechanical and weather conditions. In addition, bicycle and platform shelters have a design that enables some surface repairs or replacement of individual components.

All wooden elements are protected by impregnation and varnishing. The durability of the decorative and protective coatings is at least 5 years, assuming outdoor use, that is, continuous exposure to changing weather conditions.

Each bike shelter and solar-power-ready shelter has side walls, either transparent, or solid. The side walls can be made from fire-resistant polycarbonate, sheet metal or tempered glass. The transparent surfaces are decorated with a vertical stripe pattern that is visible to birds, minimizing the risk of them colliding with the shelter. The surface of the shelter is uniform and non-porous, which makes it easy to maintain and clean. The roof can be made from polycarbonate, composite or trapezoidal sheet.

Platform shelters can be further reinforced. The openwork structure is made of closed steel profiles with rounded edges. They are protected with anti-corrosion paint. This facilitates the maintenance of the facility. The shelters made this way will meet your needs and will be a permanent part of your urban landscape.

See our portfolio and start a collaboration

We have been completing various orders for platform and bicycle shelters for years. You can find examples of our work on our Street furniture portfolio page. We are confident that the knowledge and experience of MAGIT professionals give us the leading edge in this industry. Feel free to contact our consultant for a detailed quote for your project.

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