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Digital signage content
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The main idea of digital signage is what and how it is going to be displayed on the screen and what effects it will have. Good content ensures that your network is effective and profitable. Such content needs to be visually attractive, and this is achieved through creative work. Equally important is the ergonomics of the content combined with the ergonomics of the medium. The point is to use suitable resources to ensure that the content for digital signage fulfills its intended purposes as much as possible – to educate, provide information, support sales, increase brand recognition, and more.

Nevertheless, our main focus is always to increase the performance of the infokiosks and other products we offer.

Before creating content, we first define tasks and analyze the conditions in which the content will be used. Then, we choose technologies that are best suited to your content, medium, and location.

Promotional content

Promotional content must be attractive and modern, it must grab attention and leave a good impression, as all this can pay off. Obviously, the most important factors are the concept and creative form that match the visual identity of your brand and the expectations of your target audience.

We use such ways of attracting attention and exerting a positive influence that effectively support your sales goals. After all, the ultimate objective of promotional content is to deliver actual profits to your brand.

Motion can become a form of attention-grabbing, hence the advantage of digital signage over traditional outdoor ads, and using animation and videos as the main form of content. We use motion design and flash animation, make video and audio recordings, and combine it all into a fresh new quality.
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Informative content

Quick information sharing is a major development factor. Quality information also indirectly acts as promotion, as it builds your positive image as the publisher. In the case of informative content, the main concern is to make the content clear, easily accessible, and recognized.

Working on our informative apps, we focus on the communication aspect by conducting tests on potential recipients. This way we find out if it meets the expectations of the target group and if it is intuitive and digestible.

Of course, informative and promotional content can be combined, for example by splitting the screen into zones. This method is becoming increasingly popular as it maximizes the benefits.

Interactive apps

Infokiosks and touchscreens provide more ways to show informative and promotional content. First of all, the flow of information is bidirectional – to and from the viewer. In addition, they also provide a wide range of solutions in both the creation and information architecture layers. On top of that, interactivity is a solution for publishing more complex information, allowing the viewer to intuitively select specific topics.

Apart from interactive presentations, interactive games are an effective promotional tool. This type of content for DSNet is attention-grabbing, engaging and can be aimed at different age groups. The key is that they evoke positive emotions with which your brand will later be associated. We achieve the coolest effects by creating interactive combinations of various media, such as video, animation, and audio.
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