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For 31 years MAGIT has been developing and deploying comprehensive visual identity and communication systems.

We have been doing it by combining different technologies and media:

We enhance traditional digital signage by implementing interactive solutions and dedicated desktop and mobile apps, as well as ensuring that the final product has an attractive design.

Our main goal is to adapt each system to your needs and special requirements.

For the implementation and maintenance of each project, we provide:

Experienced project team (project group), IT specialists (various industries), designers, selection of good quality cutting-edge technologies, complete and efficient infrastructure, seamless system implementation and launch, helpdesk, service.

In addition, our portfolio includes comprehensive deployments of solutions that combine digital media systems with traditional signage.

What is digital signage?

Although the phrase digital signage may sound fairly complex, it is just a very modern and simple medium used to convey information, and a really impressive way to enhance your interior design.

In addition, this electronic advertisement distribution system relies on digital image media for its operation. For this purpose, well-proven technologies such as LCD displays, LED screens, interactive displays, projectors, holographic projections, etc. are used.

This allows each customer to tailor the chosen product independently. A considerable convenience and essential element of digital signage is the availability of fully automated content management. Tailoring materials to the target audience is also a huge advantage.

Plus, its extensive use means that the system can be used in various locations, making it an excellent alternative to traditional billboards, banners or posters.

Czym jest Digital Signage?
system Digital Signage

How do we develop a digital signage system?

The digital multimedia systems we offer are based on our proprietary system that gives you maximum comfort and, most importantly, lets you process your orders efficiently.

That is why each time we begin a collaboration with a detailed analysis and market research. Only this way are we able to provide state-of-the-art solutions, in line with current trends and your expectations.

An important step in a collaboration is to define communication goals. This is when we choose the equipment that will work best for you. We then take care of the design and conceptual work. This way we can implement an electronic information distribution system in a comprehensive way.

We also offer full after-sales support – this involves training employees on how to use our products. We also provide technical support.

Produkty i technologia

Products and technology

Our solutions combine various media and technologies. We enhance traditional digital signage by implementing interactive solutions and dedicated desktop and mobile apps, as well as ensuring that the final product has an attractive design.

Projekt i wykonanie

Design and manufacturing

At Magit, our experience combined with the support of our technological partners allows us to offer a well-designed digital signage system. We develop turnkey solutions for diverse sectors of the market.



We tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Digital signage will improve the innovative power of your business and allow you to quickly adapt the content to your current offerings.

Realizacje digital signage


Examples of major digital signage network deployments across a variety of industries.

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