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What are light panels?

Elegant flat lightboxes are LED advertising systems made using modern edge LED lighting techniques. It is a practical and effective system for promoting a brand, product, or service. Thanks to the use of efficient LEDs, the panels can be used indoors or as outdoor light advertising.

Modern LED panels are a popular choice because they can easily match the interior design and the nature of the room. They are notably used in offices, medical offices, shopping malls, or walkways. They help capture the attention of potential customers, draw their eyes, convey information, and inspire them to buy your goods or services.

We provide professional installation of light panels, and complete technical support in choosing the right product. Please contact our specialists to get more information or visit our online store to see all our products.

High quality LED advertising panels offered by Magit

Modern LED edge lighting is effectively displacing the older alternative of luover and fluorescent fixtures. This is due to the unique visual effect that can be achieved with light panels.

At Magit, we supply only proven LED advertising systems. We offer solutions that feature consistent light distribution and robust construction. We manufacture both rectangular and square products that can be installed on the surface, concealed, in modular ceilings, or by suspending on cables.

Our panels are useful advertising accessories that use energy-efficient LEDs and light-diffusing materials. It can be polystyrene, acrylic glass, etc. We will prepare products tailored to your requirements with high-quality guarantee.

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Benefits of LED edge lighting

Impressive square or rectangular LED panels provide even illumination of the entire surface, using state-of-the-art technology. Also, the models we offer allow the display of backlit prints. This way, the presented graphics, images, or inscriptions are stunning with originality, eye-catching, and highly informative. This is a great way for you to get your audience interested in your new offer, brand, or a trending product.

We provide light panels with or without a Clip snaplock frame. The first version makes it quick and easy to replace the print to maximize the advertising message to match your current offerings. The second option will work well for presenting your brand or flagship and timeless merchandise. Notably, our panels can be single or double-sided and installed both vertically and horizontally, making these promotional items even more useful. This also increases their versatility.

How are the light panels built?

LED edge lighting used in advertising light panels is an excellent alternative to traditional light fixtures. We provide models with efficient LEDs, which significantly contributes to their lifespan, versatility, energy efficiency, and safety. Combined with a modern, ergonomic and slim design, they create the perfect solution for a variety of rooms.

Advertising LED panels use light-emitting diodes. That is why they generate enough light at low power intake. Although the LEDs are white, the colored housing allows you to get a matching color. This way, the edge lighting is best fitted to your room type, image, or corporate identity.

Notice the low profile of the structure, which significantly facilitates its installation. Individual models can be fitted not only with special modules and power cables, but also with cooling components such as heat sinks.

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See our portfolio

We are LED system experts. Advertising panels with LED edge lighting has been our focus area for over a dozen years. See the examples of our work on our Portfolio page. Feel free to contact our representative if you are interested in a project in your specific industry or want to learn more about collaborating with us. We will help you create an advertisement that will appeal to your potential customers.


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