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Digital marketing for restaurants

Digital signage for restaurants is an offering that combines digital technologies with traditional tools to increase sales and enhance your restaurant’s image. By employing modern equipment, your restaurant will stand out among the competition, which will translate to increased sales.

With the opportunities provided by digital marketing, you can manage the menu without leaving the office. With one click, you can update your menu across multiple locations without having to involve your staff. By using an ordering kiosk at your location, you will speed up customer service and save money on additional staffing.

Learn about Magit’s offerings for increasing sales at your location.

Ordering kiosks

Restaurant customers are more likely to choose locations where they can place orders themselves using electronic devices. When selecting a dish on the screen, they can see what it will look like so they can make a decision faster. They don't feel pressured by a salesperson in choosing their menu so they are more likely to add extras and drinks to their order.

Did you happen to receive a dish you didn't order?

The menu on the kiosk screen is large and clear, and the ordering app is intuitive so even a child can order a meal online by themselves. When placing an order, your customer will see a list of meals, which they can further verify and the order will go directly to the kitchen.

What you gain by installing an ordering kiosk:

1.        Shorter ordering times

2.      Avoid dish dispensing mistakes

3.      Smaller queues

4.     Increased sales of extras and drinks

5.      More relaxed customers

Digital menu boards

Our digital menu offerings include 55" and 65" displays suitable for continuous 24/7 operation. Digital menu boards are durable and resistant to high temperatures so they can be installed near kitchens. We have a team of experienced installers who will install your medium and also carry out menu display software setups. On request, we can also manufacture a suspended frame to match your interior.

Remote menu management

With one-click remote menu management, you can update prices, offerings and also create promotions from one computer across several locations. Creating menus is very intuitive. You can use the available templates and customize them to create an original look for your menu.

Benefits of digital menus

1.        Better display of your offerings

2.      Ability to manage prices and promotions remotely

3.      Time and paper savings

4.     Reduced marketing costs

Illuminated showcases

Presenting menus in an illuminated showcase is a solution for food service establishments that want to highlight their paper menus. Before customers enter a restaurant, they want to see what kind of dishes are served there.

The illuminated showcase – highly visible and eye-pleasing

The illuminated showcase with easily readable content will attract the attention of customers.
The showcase has an attractive design and is equipped with a lock to protect the contents from damage. We can customize the color and size to fit any menu. The product is resistant to changing weather conditions so it can be installed outdoors.

Audio systems with playlists

Creating a friendly place where customers are happy to stay includes music streaming from speakers. An appropriately selected playlist creates better customer experience and an appealing atmosphere. We offer professional audio systems that we install in your premises. Our experts are also passionate musicians who know the music market well and can select songs for your target audience well.

What does our audio marketing offer include?

1.        Audio systems

2.      Music with license and fees paid to relevant institutions

3.      Playlists compiled by a professional music consultant

4.     Recorded voice announcements

5.      Radio clips or royalty free music

6.      Release of music content

7.      Remote service

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