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Our audio marketing portfolio

Audio marketing is a vital component of modern marketing that uses sounds to guide consumers’ purchasing decisions. The music played in establishments should not be random but targeted to a specific group of customers and needs to be consistent with your brand. Among the many benefits of audio marketing are:

  • creating the required atmosphere
  • influencing customer activity at the point of sale
  • influencing the customers’ emotions during shopping
  • creating a positive brand identity
  • sales increase

Music playlists are created at Magit by people who are passionate about music. They are highly knowledgeable in the field, they are up to date with musical novelties but are also able to appreciate and dig out of the archives of commercial music the timeless, iconic songs that generations have grown up on. Upon your request, we create playlists with commercial music from around the world. We offer a 12 or 24 month contract, licensing certificates, remote publishing over the web, uploading to a server or sending ready-made playlists on CD or flash drive. When creating playlists, we draw from a variety of musical genres such as pop, soul, funky, jazz, smooth jazz, hip-hop, Christmas, dance, disco, latino, etc.

Background music at Credit Agricole bank

At Credit Agricole Bank, we deployed a Digital Signage Audio network for more than 100 Credit Agricole branch offices in Poland. As part of the network, we provide:

  • Hardware: players, amplifiers, speakers
  • Cabling including Internet access
  • Digital signage software for managing the network
  • Music content: each month a new playlist of about 120 tracks of Royalty Free music Dedicated music for each month: festive, holiday, atmospheric, selected from the most known and loved music genres and the latest trends
  • Managing the network
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

We also built a prototype of a multimedia station for children, according to Magit’s design. As part of the work:

  • We designed and made the housings from varnished MDF material.
  • We delivered hardware: player, tablet, remote control software.
  • We designed and manufactured entire dedicated gaming stations for children.

Commercial music in the customer zone at an ING Bank outlet

The deployment for ING Bank involved the creation of a friendly lounge area, where clients can peacefully unwind after making difficult decisions. In a wooden structure that mimics a forest, we unobtrusively installed speakers which deliver music throughout the area.

An important aspect of this implementation was avoiding reverberation caused by the large, open space. We achieved this effect by using appropriate audio equipment deployed in strategic points of the structure.

Our task was also to create a special playlist consisting of commercial songs and also to obtain the appropriate licenses for the playback of this music.

Our client had an idea for playing music but didn't know what kind of music to play and more specifically what songs would be suitable. Relying on their own experience, our specialists compiled a playlist that perfectly suited the atmosphere of the location.

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