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Door name plates

Door name plates as an effective company signage

Door name plates are among the key elements of any company's indoor signage. They make it easier for customers to find their way to the right departments, and for employees and business partners to navigate the facility efficiently. A properly made door plate features the most important information – your logo, company name, and your brand’s colors. This improves your outward communication, and helps create your consistent corporate image.

It is crucial to use reliable materials combined with smart graphics and clear lettering. These are precisely the type of products we develop at Magit. Our door name plates come in various sizes and colors to match the company-approved design of your choice.

We have a lot of experience in manufacturing and installing door name plates. Check out some of our previous projects on our Comprehensive solutions page. If you want a detailed quote for your company, contact us now.

Why should you have our door name plates?

Correct signage for your company improves internal communication and helps people move around your facility. Door name plates are usually installed directly on the door or on the wall, right next to it. This makes it possible to clearly sign your rooms. Using them boosts your business image, creates positive associations, and increases trust. Although company signage in the form of plates is a small addition, you can't underestimate its potential.

We offer several types of door name plates



Made of convex aluminum profile. A printed information is placed behind a clear plexiglass pane. The panel is silver anodized, and the caps are made of black plastic.



Information plate made of tempered glass. The message is inserted between the glass panes in the form of a printout or adhesive film.



The plate is made of a semicircular aluminum panel. A printed or engraved message is placed behind a plexiglass pane.


Seberg Lux – made entirely of aluminum. It consists of one larger and two smaller panels in anodized silver color with a pull-out plexiglass insert.

Seberg Economic – one panel surface, or one large one and several smaller ones with a pull-out plexiglass insert, made of aluminum; the sides made of black plastic.



The plate consists of one larger panel and four smaller ones made of anodized aluminum. A printed or engraved message is placed behind a plexiglass insert. The plate is protected against unauthorized access by a hex screw.


Similar in appearance and construction to Vela, but with different dimensions. Vision plates also come in a suspended version, and can be combined to create a large information panel (technical specifications available in pdf).

Citinox plate spacers

Magit is the official and sole Polish distributor of sign holders of the German company Citinox. The Citinox spacer fixing is a neat-looking, durable, and weather-resistant solution. Citinox plus systems are a solution for modern interiors. It is best suited for door name plates and exclusive information boards. All Citinox mounts are available from our online store.

Citinox plate spacers
Door name plates

Where do plates come in handy?

Door name plates are a practical visual addition to any public building. They facilitate navigation for visitors or customers around the building. Small plates combined into one large information board will do very well in your company lobby. They can also be part of the interior design in a notary’s office. It is nearly impossible to list all the sites where this type of visual signage will work. The plates will perform well wherever it is essential to guide people to correct places:

  • courts, public offices,
  • office buildings, businesses,
  • law firms,
    notary public offices,
  • schools,
  • hospitals,
  • clinics.

Dimensions of door name plates

All the listed plates are available from our online store. We also make custom plates. If you need plates made in a non-standard size unavailable in our store, feel free to contact our consultant. Our consultants will help you choose the right profile for your solution and guide you through the further steps of the order.

Dimensions of door name plates

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