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Permanent signage boards– essential information element

Signs are a basic information and traffic management tool. They show you the way, convey relevant information about facilities, provide directions, and indicate your current location. At MAGIT, we specialize in manufacturing permanent signage boards. We design and implement signage for public transport stops, platforms, and streets. We make sure that these seemingly small pieces of street furniture have a positive impact on the urban landscape. We have many years of experience in this field and are happy to take on challenging, complex assignments. See what we offer.

Where to use signage boards

Information media in the form of boards are essential in any public facility. For example, platform signage encourages the good operation of railroad stations and stops, airports, subway stations, public transportation stops, etc. Street signage helps people find their way to hotels, shopping centers, educational institutions, public offices and residential buildings. In any situation, legible and visually appealing signage is seen as needed, even essential, by traveling residents and tourists.

Our range of city and street name boards

We are eager to collaborate with city and large metropolitan authorities. We make designs for permanent signage boards with city and street names. We also deal comprehensively with the execution – we manufacture the boards and have our own experienced assembly team. This allows us to fulfill any order and offer to make street furniture pieces on attractive terms. For the purpose of developing public spaces, we also make signage for bus shelters, platforms and other points of public or intercity transportation. One of our specialties is the production of signs in the form of raised panels with folded sides.

Clear signage and durable materials

At MAGIT, we make sure that every product is perfected in every way. As shown on our Street furniture portfolio page, our designs meet all the criteria provided by the client, such as the Ipi-2 guidelines provided by PKP PLK S.A. To make the signage durable and robust, we rely on tried and tested materials, and trusted technologies.

The front of the sign is made from aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. The graphics are painted or made from an 8-year warranty foil. All steel structures are galvanized and powder coated in any RAL color. We also give you the option to add different types of board fixings, such as free-standing, suspended, wall-mounted, and attached to shelters or light poles.

Our representative will be happy to give you detailed information on permanent signage boards and quote for your project. Feel free to contact us.

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