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Applications for infokiosks

Applications for infokiosks

In addition to complete hardware solutions, MAGIT also develops content and dedicated applications. Our goal is to create reliable software for infokiosks with complex integrated functionality, yet simple to use.

We specialize in developing applications to manage multimedia materials, whiteboards and touch screens, as well as advanced infokiosks featuring many add-on functionalities, such as card and QR code readers, printers, scanners, and keyboards.

Secure Web browser

Software used for infokiosks. Allows easy and secure web browsing.

With the applications you can:

  • View websites
  • View documents, images, and videos
  • Send and receive e-mails
  • Filter access to web resources
  • Offer accessibility for people with disabilities, including high-contrast display profiles, zooming the viewed pages, etc.
  • Block emails from being sent from websites
  • Remotely manage infokiosk over LAN or web
Bezpieczna przeglądarka internetowa
Aplikacja dla galerii handlowych

Shopping mall app

Our Virtual Guide is an application for navigating public facilities, such as shopping malls. This type of shopping mall application excels in being very easy to use. In addition, you can very quickly update information in it, and publish advertisements of the shopping mall and tenants. This way, customers can quickly search for the information they need. They can find the store they are looking for on a floor plan, and get clues on current special deals at the store they want to visit.

Interactive shopping mall maps, usually located near the front door, are a useful solution. With this functionality, customers can plan their own route along which they intend to shop.

Basic app modules:

  • Interactive shopping mall map + store search
  • Web browser
  • Public transport timetables
  • Mall information
  • Postcards from the mall

Interactive catalogs for museums

Traditional museums are losing popularity because they are incapable of grabbing the attention of today’s audiences. That is why we recommend adding a touch of modernity in the form of multimedia catalogs for museums. They will make exhibitions more interesting, and visitors will find it easier to absorb the acquired knowledge.

Benefits of the museum app:

  • The application gives visitors the opportunity to actively engage in viewing the museum collection or an exhibition. It also allows for a more thorough exploration of the exhibits digitally.
  • Makes exhibitions more engaging.
  • Software has become an effective form of exhibition promotion regardless of the subject matter.
Katalogi multimedialne dla muzeów

Games and quizzes

One more interesting option are stand-alone applications, which are designed for touch screens and infokiosks. We develop them on an individual basis.

This allows us to create a quiz or game for kids that helps achieve a business goal, expand awareness in the younger generation and educate. We can customize the content and graphic design of the stand-alone application to your specifications.

Our projects:

  • Are dedicated to various age groups
  • Offer different language versions
  • Have many forms, such as games for children (puzzles, coloring books, memory games, etc.) or quizzes linked to events or training courses.

Interactive books

This app type allows you to present selected text content, graphics, audio recordings or video files as an interactive book on touchscreen displays.

This solution offers many benefits and opportunities, including:
  • You can edit and update the content yourself
  • Interactive books can take the form of an educational book, exhibition catalog, or reference booklet
  • Available in many language versions
  • Individual graphic design tailored to your requirements
Interaktywne książki
Aplikacje w wersji dla niepełnosprawnych

Accessible apps

We facilitate the daily life for people with disabilities. We develop various applications for the disabled so that they can access the prepared content.

The functionality can be designed for:
  • visually impaired people
  • deaf people
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