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Digital internal totem at the Regional Blood Donation Center in Łódź

We delivered 15 info kiosks with a 55" screen to our client, the Regional Blood Donation Center in Łódź.

Infokiosks are characterized by reliability 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. The built-in browser offers a convenient way to view web content without a computer. The display is equipped with a multimedia playback function directly from USB or from the built-in internal memory.

The included X-Sign software enables remote management via a PC or Tablet server.

Digital outdoor totem

Digital outdoor totem

We erected a digital outdoor totem at the Port of Szczecin in front of the entrance to the headquarters. Because of the sun exposure, we used a monitor that is resistant to outdoor conditions.

This type of display can operate at temperatures ranging from -20 to 30 degrees Celsius and its brightness allows the content to be visible even in bright sunlight. The monitor's neutral-colored case made of fine-textured material gives it an elegant look.

The 55'' monitor with good contrast makes the displayed advertising content clearly visible even from a distance. The outdoor digital totem with built-in player is used to communicate information to customers visiting the facility. Your logo can be placed in the space below the monitor.

Indoor infokiosk for people with disabilities

An indoor infokiosk for people with disabilities is a device that will make it easier for people in wheelchairs to handle official and medical matters.

We made the lightweight housing of the infokiosk from powder-coated sheet metal in a RAL color. The leg spacing allows the monitor to be freely approached and operated.

We installed a 24" monitor in the housing with built-in WiFi so that the infokiosk can be placed in any location where there is access to an electrical outlet and a wireless network.

Indoor infokiosk for people with disabilities
Outdoor digital totems

Outdoor digital totems

For advertising and communication purposes, we manufactured outdoor digital totems that were installed in 11 different locations.

We placed 32" touch monitors in a simple black casing made of sheet steel. The lower part of the housing was used for advertising and branded with the investor's company logo. Outdoor totems are exposed to changing weather conditions, so we included a heating and cooling unit inside the housing to cool the system in summer and heat it in winter.

Outdoor digital totems were used to promote the region and local events and also provide residents with information on how offices function.

Infokiosks for people with disabilities

Two infokiosks for people with disabilities designed and manufactured by our company were installed at one of the universities. With the improvements in place, the equipment is just right for people with disabilities to use.

The infokiosk has been designed in such a way that any disabled individual will be able to smoothly enjoy the full functionality of the device. With its height-adjustable monitor and keyboard, it will be great for people using wheelchairs.

The infokiosks we use for people with disabilities can also be adapted to the needs of people with hearing impairments. Equipped with a hearing assistance system with an induction loop, the infokiosk enables a hearing impaired person to receive clear sound through a hearing aid in a reverberant place with high noise levels of up to 70 dB.

Infokiosks for people with disabilities

The device allows you to operate the kiosk in two ways:

  • Using a dedicated keyboard with Braille characters for the visually impaired – the keyboard features touchpoints in the form of bulges that can be felt with the fingers.
  • Using touch navigation buttons on the kiosk screen.

Features that distinguish our infokiosks for people with disabilities:

  • Housing with electrically adjustable monitor height
  • 19" touchscreen monitor with capacitive technology
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • Vandal-resistant keyboard with Braille characters
  • Integrated inductive loop booster
  • Contrast adjustment feature in a secure web browser
Infokiosks on bike paths

Infokiosks on bike paths

As part of the project to build 3 new bike paths in Rawicz district, we delivered 4 new outdoor infokiosks to the construction site.

The total length of the new bike path is about 21 km and runs from Rawicz railway station to Osiek through Szymanowo, Słupia Kapitulna, Chojno, Golejewko and Pakosław.

At key points along the route (Rawicz railway station, Słupia Kapitulna stop, Pakosław stop, Pakosław-Osiek section) bicycle shelters were built with our infokiosk installed next to them. For cyclists, they will be a perfect addition to the information system on local attractions.

The infokiosks feature a specially designed insulated stainless steel housing prepared for use in harsh conditions, and resistant to low and high temperatures. They are equipped with 21.5" high-brightness touchscreen monitors and a remote management system.


Hospitals are another place where infokiosks are used. For one of the facilities, Magit implemented infokiosks with an interactive hospital map that helps patients easily navigate throughout the building.

The project scope included:

  • selection of appropriate infokiosk models tailored to specific hospital locations
  • manufacturing infokiosks
  • delivery and installation at the hospital
  • servicing
Kids infokiosk for SMYK

SMYK stores in Poland and abroad

Infokiosks for children boost sales, attract the attention of kids and stimulate them to return to the store. We were involved in the production of infokiosks which are gaming stations for the SMYK store chain.

 The scope of the infokiosk for children includes:

  • Developing a custom design tailored to the client's visual identity
  • Manufacturing infokiosks
  • Delivery to Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Turkey
  • Developing games for children in 5 language versions, such as: coloring pictures, puzzles, memory games
  • Service and helpdesk

Infokiosks for the Eurocash S.A. warehouse chain

The order included the delivery and implementation of 160 infokiosks in the Eurocash warehouse network, as infopoints for operating the loyalty system.

Infokiosks for the Eurocash S.A. warehouse chain

Our product is equipped with:

  • 19" touchscreen monitor
  • bar code scanner
  • printer

The project scope included:

  • developing a design based on the client's concept
  • building a prototype
  • manufacturing
  • delivering and installing at 160 locations
  • service and helpdesk

Port Łódź shopping mall

For the Port Łódź shopping mall Magit made two individual double-sided infokiosks as gaming stations for children.

The project scope included: 

  • design of 2 individual double-sided enclosures for infokiosks for children, stylized as Teddy Bear and Dog, adapted to the client's corporate identity
  • manufacturing the equipment
  • developing games for children, such as: coloring pictures, puzzles, memory games
  • supply and installation
  • servicing
Port Łódź shopping mall

Muzeum Śląskie (Silesian Museum)

It is worth noting that our infokiosks for museums have an informative function, enhance visitors’ experience, as well as improve the interior appearance and safety. We also deployed outdoor and indoor signage throughout the museum facility including:

  • direction signs, plates, pictograms, and indoor and outdoor totems
  • logotype on the building, film graphics on glass, painted graphics on walls
  • infokiosk for the museum with an app (with accessibility features)
  • a mobile app to assist in museum tours
  • a beacon network
  • a wall of monitors with multimedia content
  • deployment of the exhibition and training for museum employees
Infokiosk for Silesian Museum
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