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Restaurateurs are an important group of our clients. As early as the design stage, we assist them by suggesting interesting ways of displaying their logo, as well as using different materials and lighting. We boldly combine standard signage with solutions and materials that are not commonly used in the industry, such as MDF, wood and glass.
We also use digital signage elements, which are increasingly popular in restaurants. They are a great alternative to traditional menu boards, eliminating the need for having new graphics printed and delivered to the establishment. You can change the content displayed on screens by indicating which display in which location should show which graphics. The entire system can be managed remotely (e.g. from the corporate headquarters) – or you can leave the administration to us.

Our restaurant product range includes the following products:

  • Indoor and outdoor logos in the form of channel letters, lightboxes, neon signs, and various custom combinations
  • Plexiglass, MDF, PVC and glass signage
  • Boards, plates, pictograms, including signage for restrooms, checkout counters, dish return areas
  • Foil graphics
  • Menu boards in the form of illuminated or non-illuminated lightboxes with replaceable graphics, boards, poster frames
  • Digital signage networks successfully replacing traditional menu boards
  • Infokiosks for placing orders remotely
  • Virus protection products: PMMA sneeze guards, cash register shields, room dividers with custom graphics, touchless hand sanitizer dispensers
  • SaniKiosk – a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser combined with a small digital signage screen that can display additional messages and advertising content (e.g. deal of the day, menu)

Praski Butcher

We present our latest project for Praski Butcher restaurant in Warsaw. We had the pleasure of working with the owner of the restaurant and creating unique and distinctive signage that highlights the establishment's ambiance.

Lightbox with backlit logo

Our main task was to create a large round lightbox that would be perfectly visible both during the day and at night. We made the logo by applying black film that contrasts perfectly with the background and backlighting so that the logo and restaurant name are very clear and appealing to passersby.

Letters under the counter

Inside the restaurant, the owner has opted for minimalism and elegance. We crafted the letters and applied them meticulously to the counter's front, enhancing the establishment's distinctiveness and charm. Moreover, we placed the letters above the unique plant wall that adds coziness and natural charm to the interior.


Thanks to the diligent work of our team and the creative vision of the owner of the restaurant, the labeling of Praski Butcher restaurant is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and very attractive to customers. It fits perfectly into the character of the place, creating a unique atmosphere from the first glance.

Mango Mama

This is another restaurant of the Mango Mama brand in Wrocław and yet another of our deployments for the brand. The oriental vibe in the restaurant required a special setting. In line with the brand's visual strategy, we crafted an illuminated master and internal logos in the form of MANGO MAMA lettering. To make the restaurant more visible from the outside, we made lightboxes that were placed in the storefront window. The neon shapes of an exotic parrot and the lettering inside highlighted the colorful interior, giving a cozy look and feel. The signs reading “order” and “collect” imply that there is no waiter to approach your table. The illuminated yellow counter with a stickered logo sets a positive mood even on the harshest rainy days.


Traditional Polish cuisine and neon signage are a match made in heaven. The old menu boards were replaced by aluminum composite panels with plotter-cut film graphics, and the vibe of the restaurant is complemented by a composition of colorful rolling pins. The Lepione location at the Riviera shopping mall in Gdynia is also equipped with monitors that display content managed remotely by MAGIT.

Express Döner

We manufactured and installed the logo. The menu boards in the form of lightboxes with replaceable graphics and the large, double-sided neon sign certainly grab visitors’ attention.

Sevi Kebab

We manufactured and installed the logo, consisting of backlit channel letters, and the menu boards. In locations where guidelines of the mall had to be followed, we actively participated in designing the neon logo and took care of the installation.


Traditional Japanese cuisine. We manufactured and installed the logo – both the channel letters and the eye-catching aluminum composite lightbox.


A brand of office restaurants with locations in major cities. We manufactured and installed the lightboxes and channel letters.


Our task was to manufacture and install an unusual logo combining channel letters and traditional neon. Most of the signage consists of white neons.

Zdrowia Smak

We manufactured and installed channel letters along with menu boards in the form of lightboxes. The lightbox graphics can be quickly replaced.

Express Oriental

Manufacturing and installing channel letters, illuminated lightboxes as menu boards. Ability to quickly replace prints in lightboxes.


In a project for the Bikini restaurant in Goerlitz, Magit played its fair share in making the property's interior design more appealing. This time the signage had also a decorative function. It was crucial to choose the right lighting for the neon signs and spatial forms, so that it was not too strong, but at the same time did its job. The client opted for warm white light. In addition, the client themselves may control the intensity of the lighting, as we have installed appropriate dimmers.

Our scope of work included manufacturing and installing:

·         signage on the roof of the building

·         an outdoor projecting signboard

·         traditional indoor neon signs

·         restroom signs – a combination of sheet metal semaphores with neon tubes

·         indoor logos in the form of channel letters

Express Kuchnia Marche

We manufactured and installed the backlit logo and menu boards. At the early stages of our cooperation, the menu boards were lightboxes with printed graphics. Later, at the chain’s upscale locations, we introduced monitors operating within a digital signage network managed by MAGIT.

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