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Infokiosk rental

Rent an infokiosk

Don't want the expense of ordering a dedicated infokiosk? Now you can rent it! We have added this service to our offer specifically for the use of infokiosks for events, trade shows, or conferences.

Infokiosk model SLIM 17’’ w kolorze białym

Model SLIM 17’’ white

• 17” touchscreen display
• PC with Windows
• Wi-Fi adapter
Infokiosk model SLIM 19’’ w kolorze białym

Model SLIM 19’’ white

• 19” touchscreen display
• PC with Windows
• Wi-Fi adapter

Infokiosks can be matched to the client's corporate identity (logo or graphics on the case).

In Wrocław area, we deliver and collect infokiosks using our own vehicles.

Why should you rent an infokiosk?

With infokiosks, you can:

  • Effectively increase your offering’s appeal
  • Boost sales
  • Assist people with various disabilities
  • Advertise your brand effectively
  • Attract the attention of your customers and business partners
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Deliver knowledge in a friendly form

Through renting an infokiosk, you will be able to save money and quickly receive benefits of using the infokiosk, or simply test the device before you decide to acquire it.

Infokiosk rental – when is it worth using it?

Today, more and more areas of our lives are opening up to modern technology. Infokiosks are becoming a popular method of promoting brands and businesses at events and thematic trade shows.

Moreover, they are used in shopping malls, during exhibitions in museums, and in a growing number of stores (check out our infokiosk portfolio).

Go ahead and rent our infokiosks to try out their features and experience their benefits, and then invest in your own model.

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