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SignFlex – large-format lightboxes with flexible face

Lightboxes with a flexible face made in the SignFlex system, are large-format prints used as an outdoor advertisement placed on the facade of a building, or as a free-standing advertisement, or billboard. We can make this type of advertising lightbox in any size with no visible joints. Lightboxes with a flexible face can be used as effective illuminated ads on the facades of commercial and service buildings and public facilities.

What is a flexible face?

SignFlex technology features the flexible face of large-format lightboxes. It is a special vinyl fabric (known as backlight) suitable for printing on it and back lighting from inside the lightbox. The vinyl part can be of any size. Instead of assembling a single advertising surface from several lightboxes, consider constructing one larger one.

Tensioning system for flexible vinyl substrates

Kasetony signflex


The system has been designed for constructing of light-boxes, channel letters and other spatial forms. Thanks to special construction the Cover is anchored in the SignFlex Body; this grants a sharp look in case of straight light-boxes and strengthen the construction of channel letters.

Quick & Easy Assembly

SignFlex does not require any sophisticated tools for assembly – all can be done with a riveter and a drill. The system is delivered either in bar lengths (6 meter extrusions) or in cut to size assembly kits. In case of the second option, we design the construction to given size and the kit can be assembled even at the installation site. This saves both transport and off-cuts costs.

Optimal Depth

The system depth of 175 mm has been carefully selected based on wide experience in creating illuminated signs: it secures good light diffusion on one hand and a neat look on the other.

Quick dispatch, competitive price

SignFlex is focused on economy: all efforts has been made to reduce its weight, and to employ – where possible – standard, inexpensive aluminum profiles. As we stock all profiles in our premises in Poland in Wroclaw, the dispatch of orders is really quick and efficient.

Jak to działa?

How does it work?

A specially designed aluminum profile running around the perimeter of the lightbox and serving as its structure firmly and steadily holds the tensioned vinyl so that its surface is smooth and legible. With the SignFlex advertising system, you can print any graphics and text on vinyl and it will be clearly visible from a distance.

Jaki winyl zastosować?

What type of vinyl to use?

Various weights and types of vinyl are available on the market. We recommend using vinyl with a weight of at least 510 g, as it is a light-transmitting fabric. SignFlex technology is ideal for making lightboxes. The effect with a back light source is similar to that of self-adhesive translucent film with good light-diffusing properties.

Jaką grubość profilu zastosować?

What profile thickness to use?

Our years of experience suggest that you should choose the width of the profile skillfully. On one side, the lightbox must not look clumsy, and on the other, the LED light should have enough space to diffuse. This will ensure a uniform illumination of the face.

Czy kasetony reklamowe wielkoformatowe można zamontować samemu?

Can I install large format advertising lightboxes myself?

It is possible. If you prefer to assemble it yourself, we offer cut-to-size SignFlex profiles along with a engineering drawing showing how to assemble the advertisement. However, you may find that your skills alone are not enough. Sometimes the size of the lightbox is a serious obstacle. When installing large advertisements, our clients often order special cranes that can help safely and accurately place the lightbox on the building facade.

Where can lightboxes with a flexible face be used?

Given their size, this type of illuminated advertising is used in large-format stores, warehouses, or shopping malls. They feature high material durability and resistance to variable weather conditions.

Our range of large-format lightboxes includes our proprietary SignFlex face tensioning system. It is made of aluminum profiles and is designed to ensure secure mounting of the vinyl to the frame. Lighting is mounted in the back of the lightbox, making the ad highly visible after dark. The lightbox is illuminated with LED lighting, so it is an absolutely ecological and energy-saving solution.

We undertake both standard and very complex projects. If you are looking for a custom sized lightbox, please contact our specialist. After a short talk to determine your needs, we will manufacture an advertising lightbox according to the agreed design, in any shape and size.

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