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Window display monitor

At wakacje.pl travel agency, we have focused on innovative solutions that will not only attract the attention of customers, but also provide them with a unique experience while browsing through offers. Therefore, we decided to install a double-sided display monitor that is the main focus of the window.

It was installed using a custom-made ceiling mount, ensuring visibility to both the customers inside and passersby. With the double-sided design, the offers can be presented on either side, which increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

The high brightness and contrast provide good visibility even in strong sunlight, so that customers can freely browse the offers without any difficulties.

This cutting-edge monitor shows a wide range of offers available at the travel agency, presenting them in an appealing and convincing manner. It allows customers to quickly see current special offers, trip packages and any other information they might seek.

Digital menuboards

Digital menu boards are introduced in more and more establishments. You no longer need to print new graphics, deliver them to the location and arrange a poster exchange. Just change the displayed content on your monitor by indicating the property and the screen on which you want the new graphic to show up. The entire system can be managed remotely (e.g. from the corporate headquarters), or you can leave the administration to us. Below we present some of our more interesting projects for restaurant chains.

Multimedia for chain stores

Our range of multimedia system solutions includes a complete and feature-rich digital signage system for chain stores. The solution provides a modern and dynamic tool for communicating with the chain store customer, engaging them in sales and marketing offerings, loyalty programs, attaching the customer to the chain. 


A digital signage system for banks is a multimedia-based tool for client communication, forming the core of the omnichannel strategy of modern banks. Given our experience and awareness of the ever-changing needs and strategies of banks, our digital signage solutions include the necessary and essential elements for the proper implementation and operation of a digital signage network. 


Multimedia spaces of modern museums

One of the Magit’s multimedia solutions is the development of modern museum spaces, from inception to completion.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer comprehensive museum exhibition systems – both traditional ones (including lighting), and multimedia-based ones.

Magit’s portfolio of museum projects

  • Muzeum Śląskie (Silesian Museum) in Katowice

  • Muzeum Drukarstwa (Printing Museum) in Nowy Targ

  • Beskie Centrum Dziedzictwa (Besko Heritage Center) including the moving Galician House

  • Interactive Forest Museum in Bukowiec

  • General Ryszard Kukliński Memorial Chamber in Warsaw

  • Silesian Uprisings Museum in Świebodzice

  • Cracow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka

  • Wrocław Contemporary Museum


Modern digital signage solutions mean more than just digital visual advertising. It is also a form of employer-employee communication. Good and transparent communication within the company makes it easy to learn about the processes in place in the company, which contributes to better employee efficiency. Corporate TV establishes a certain corporate culture within the company, which is important in organizations that rely on good internal relations. It gives the employer the ability to provide latest news to employees, especially those who do not have access to a computer at the workplace (such as production workers). It also helps to encourage people to actively participate in company events and social initiatives.



  • Touch screen technology provides superior usability and significantly reduces touch response time. 

  • The interactive monitor acts as a white board on which you can draw with the included set of pens, as well as with your fingers. 

  • Connect any device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone to the monitor.

  • Dedicated application for creating on-screen notes regardless of the selected image source. 

  • A web browser providing free access to web pages. 

  • The option to integrate a computer into the monitor’s special embedded slot (OPS) with a complete Windows system to use many applications freely.

  • Install a camera and turn the monitor into a video conferencing system (optional OPS computer required). 

  • HDMI, USB ports. 4K UHD resolution. 

  • Two speakers. Array secured by a protective glass.

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