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Modern advertising in public spaces

Citylight is a striking, modern outdoor advertisement in the form of an illuminated poster placed in a closed board. We have been manufacturing and installing signage in public places for many years, and the Citylight system is among the most frequently chosen by the customers. Feel free to contact our representative for a detailed description.

Key advantages of the Citylight system

Citylight ads are an effective marketing tool to reach out to a mass audience. Thus, it is perfectly suited for businesses that want to build a strong position in the market and reach a number of target groups. The Citylight system we offer is a perfect addition to the brand strategy and can be implemented either according to your design and on materials of your choice, or with the assistance of the MAGIT design team.

Citylight is a public signage system that stands out for its high efficiency. The clear, bright advertising panel ensures that images, graphics, and other content are highly visible and grab the attention of passersby. At the same time, the Citylight signage we offer is cost-effective, as it uses energy-efficient LED lighting, and can operate round the clock.

Broad capabilities and applications of Citylight ads

Citylight advertising has been used in the busiest public space locations. This type of public signage can be found at public transport stops, on promenades, in train stations, and in shopping mall buildings, to name a few. Citylight’s modern design attracts the attention of the audiences, both those moving around the city, and those waiting for public transportation. For example, an illuminated Citylight panel placed on the side of a bus shelter lights up the space and gets potential customers interested in a featured product or service.

Citylight products available in our offer

MAGIT’s experts manufacture various types of Citylight advertising to meet all your goals. In our offer you can find traditional Citylights, namely standard backlit boards with advertising posters. This piece of street furniture can come in single- or double-sided versions, depending on where it is going to be installed. Interactive Citylights are also very popular. This is a state-of-the-art signage for public places for displaying video content.

The dimensions of Citylights are a matter of your choice. As a manufacturer, we can tailor the size of the ad to where you want it installed, or to your other needs. The most popular designs are Citylights of 120×175 cm. They are large enough to be placed on special frames or public transport stop or shelter walls. It is worth noting that thanks to functional back lighting, even a small Citylight element remains clearly visible round the clock.

Signage in public spaces

Citylight as a public signage system has both an informational and social role. It can be used to promote the city and showcase the major attractions in the region. A map placed behind the glass can highlight top sights and encourage people to learn more about the city’s history.

Citylights are also often used in various social campaigns. The poster slogans may address issues that are difficult to talk about on a daily basis. Sometimes just one meaningful photo speaks more than a thousand words to convey an important content.

See the Citylights we’ve created and start a collaboration

At MAGIT, we pay attention to details. That’s why our ads in public spaces are so successful. Please visit our Street furniture portfolio page to see examples of our products. You can see there the various demanding projects we have worked on.

If you have any queries about Citylight advertising or would like a detailed quote for a specific project, feel free to contact our specialists.

Where will Citylight advertising work well?

Shopping arcades

Train stations

Public transport stops



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