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Outdoor information showcases with a frieze

Our professionals specialize in the manufacture and installation of multi-purpose outdoor showcases with a frieze. These showcases, as street furniture, are used to display important notices, posters with timetables, regulations, announcements, and other documents. Information is placed in showcases using magnets.

The boards provide neighborhood residents, travelers and tourists with free access to key information. The showcases we design meet a number of legal requirements for permanent signage (including the Ipi-2 standard) and are made of robust materials. To learn more about the details of our offer, feel free to contact our representative.

High-quality workmanship and durability

An outdoor information board must be firstly easy to read and secondly durable. The products we offer have a robust design. Each information showcase has a hot-dip galvanized steel structure, aluminum outer elements (known as sheathing), and durable display panels. The components are powder-coated and further protected with an anti-graffiti coating. The back of the showcase is made of steel sheet, and the face (front) is made of 5 mm thick tempered safety glass. The panels have a flat and seamless surface and hinges invisible from the outside. Security locks prevent unauthorized access to the information on display.

The materials and technologies we use make outdoor information boards fully resistant to adverse weather conditions. Regardless of the weather, they always maintain their visual appeal.

A frieze, or a decoration at the top of the showcase, is used to identify the message originator or the board’s owner. The frieze can be signed with your company logo, the city’s name and emblem, or any description or graphic mark. We adjust the dimensions and design of the frieze to meet your expectations and the needs of your specific project.

Different types and sizes of information boards

Our offer is much more than just one type of showcases. As a manufacturer of street furniture and advertising signage systems, we can handle any project. It also applies to information boards. Available models come in either free-standing or wall-mounted versions. You can choose between single and double-sided versions, and the individual elements can be combined in setups of single, double, or triple panels. These can be either bottom-opening or sliding showcases.

We also offer many optional solutions. The information board can be additionally equipped with LED backlighting, magnets, latch strips, or crossbars for the visually impaired. The showcases prepared this way can be used to display information both indoors and outdoors.

We handle designs for outdoor showcases in various sizes. It all depends on your needs and your specific order. Our professionals have many years of experience in this field, and they can indicate what board size will ensure functionality. By default, all showcases have a white background, but we can make them in any color you choose from the RAL palette. We can also change the background panel from magnetic to corkboard.

Order functional information showcases from MAGIT

We handle orders for single items and for entire information signage sets. You can find our information showcases at railroad stations and stops, airports, subway stations, shopping malls, schools, administration offices, public transport stops etc. They also meet the standards and requirements of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., the Polish railroad infrastructure operator. You can see examples of our completed projects on our Street furniture portfolio page.

If you have any queries about our information showcases with a frieze or would like a detailed quote, please feel free to contact our experts.

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