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Digital marketing for hotels

Digital signage for hotels are innovative solutions for creating a new brand image. Digital media open up new opportunities for the hospitality industry. They are a support to marketing departments and also to hotel owners and managers. A network of interconnected monitors allows for quick and easy communication with hotel guests across all facilities. Virtual receptionists will check in and out guests showing up late at night with no staff involvement.

Our digital signage offer for hotels includes comprehensive implementation of solutions that combine multimedia and digital systems with traditional facility signage.

Virtual receptionists for self-service hotels

New technologies offer many opportunities for the hospitality industry. Self-service devices give guests more freedom to use their rooms. Customers are increasingly choosing facilities with a self-service reception desk, usually because the room rates are lower. By using a kiosk with a virtual receptionist, you can reduce the number of employees or do away with the night shift.

What services does a virtual receptionist cover?

1.      Room check-in and check-out.

2.      Making payments for the stay and additional services.

3.      Ordering services such as breakfast, wake-up calls, etc.

4.      Making SPA appointments.

5.      Evaluating a hotel stay.

6.      Presentation of the hotel’s highlights.

Advertising and information displays

The reception and lobby is where visitors first interact with the hotel, so it's a good idea to make a positive first impression here. Advertising displays placed in the lounge area can have an informative function and, when you are reclining on a sofa, they can take new guests for a virtual journey around the hotel, encouraging them to enjoy the hotel’s attractions. Videos of tours offered by the hotel, displayed on screens, will put guests in a vacation mood as soon as they begin their stay. Positive impressions evoke pleasant memories and as a result, guests will be happy to return to your hotel.

Totems with facility maps

Navigating large facilities can be stressful for customers of large hotels. Among the intricate corridors and identical doors, finding the right door number can take a lot of time.

Using the hotel's virtual floor plan, you can show your guests exactly where their room is located and where they are currently in the hotel. Guests interested in unwinding in the SPA area or dining in your restaurant will find the right place on the map and also check the opening hours.

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