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Waste bins

Waste bins for public spaces

Waste bins are quite an inconspicuous but extremely important piece of infrastructure. We manufacture and install models suitable for use in public spaces. We offer waste bins that will work well at bus stops, train stations, and shopping malls. Some models designed by our specialists meet the requirements for anti-terrorism bins and can be used at airports. We also manufacture recycling-friendly waste bins for selective waste collection. If you want to know more details, feel free to contact our representative.

Careful workmanship and durable materials

Our waste bins are made entirely of plastic. This also applies to connecting elements, such as hinges and screws, which we make from dedicated materials. Such products meet a range of legal requirements, including the architectural guidelines for passenger service facilities (Ipi-1). At the same time, they are highly robust and resistant to intentional or accidental mechanical damage.

We offer waste bins in various sizes, colors, and shapes. We can make them to your design or involve a team of professionals to tailor the dimensions of the bins to your specific site. Well-placed waste bins need to be large enough to accommodate waste, but not take up too much space. With years of experience, we know how to find this balance.

Safe anti-terrorism bins

Anti-terrorism waste bins are designed to provide maximum safety in spaces where there is a higher risk of attack. We install bins of this type mainly at airports, train stations, subway stations, and shopping centers – wherever many people gather.

Secure anti-terrorist waste bins have an opening flap and a suspension point for a garbage bag. They are extremely durable and resistant to vandalism, and they have a smooth surface with no sharp edges. Transparent waste bins allow for a quick response and intervention in an emergency.

Large waste bins for selective waste collection

A waste bin for waste separation is used where selective waste collection is required. It allows for separating paper, glass, metals, plastics, and biodegradable waste. Our containers are large in volume, and have color-coded lids for easy identification and classification of trash. In addition, the waste bins can be fitted with labels or information stickers to help users identify the type of trash. We manufacture this type of street furniture for gas stations, shopping malls, and public institutions.

Have your project done with MAGIT

Our design team has extensive experience in developing street furniture, including functional waste bins. You can find examples of our efforts on our Street furniture portfolio page. We are capable of making any waste bin – we are not limited by dimensions, materials, technologies, or any specific requirements.

If you have questions about MAGIT's offering, feel free to contact our representative who will give you more details.

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