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Whether you're mounting large-format lightbox or small sign, the SignFlex system makes your work faster and easier.
  • Face tensioning system
  • Kit ready to mount
System for large-format lightboxes

What is SignFlex?

SignFlex technology features the flexible face of large-format lightboxes. It is a special vinyl fabric (known as backlight) suitable for printing on it and back lighting from inside the lightbox. The vinyl part can be of any size. Instead of assembling a single advertising surface from several lightboxes, consider constructing one larger one.

3 steps to mount larg-format lightboxes

SignFlex System

1. Lightbox assembly from kit

How to assemble lighboxes

2. Tension Clip Placement

Tesioning of vinyl of SignFlex

3. Tensioning of Vinyl

SignFlex System from Magit

Magit Poland
We are a Polish manufacturer of aluminum profiles used in advertising. Our profiles facilitate and speed up the installation of large-format lightboxes with a flexible face. Their structure allows for reducing the weight of the entire box, so they do not require the use of special tools. Our clients are advertising agencies from countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who value the quality of our products and timely delivery.

Speed up your work without losing quality!

Don't waste any more time on complicated assembly. The Signflex system will save your energy and money.


The system is designed to construct lightboxes, channel letters and other spatial forms. It provides a perfectly smooth surface for lightboxes and strengthens the structure of channel letters.

Quick & easy assembly

It does not require complicated tools - just a riveter and a drill. The system is delivered in a kit that can be assembled on site. This saves both transport and leftover costs.

Optimal Depth

The system depth of 175 mm has been carefully selected based on wide experience in creating illuminated signs: it secures good light diffusion on one hand and a neat look on the other.

Dispatch & price

We have made every effort to reduce weight and use standard aluminum profiles that are readily available. Light, durable construction and fast delivery are the advantages of our system.

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Many years of expirience with SignFlex systems

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How does SignFlex work?
A specially designed aluminum profile running around the perimeter of the lightbox and serving as its structure firmly and steadily holds the tensioned vinyl so that its surface is smooth and legible. With the SignFlex advertising system, you can print any graphics and text on vinyl and it will be clearly visible from a distance.
What type of vinyl to use?
Various weights and types of vinyl are available on the market. We recommend using vinyl with a weight of at least 510 g, as it is a light-transmitting fabric. SignFlex technology is ideal for making lightboxes. The effect with a back light source is similar to that of self-adhesive translucent film with good light-diffusing properties.
What profile thickness to use?
Our years of experience suggest that you should choose the width of the profile skillfully. On one side, the lightbox must not look clumsy, and on the other, the LED light should have enough space to diffuse. This will ensure a uniform illumination of the face.
Can I install large format advertising lightboxes myself?
It is possible. If you prefer to assemble it yourself, we offer cut-to-size SignFlex profiles along with a engineering drawing showing how to assemble the advertisement. However, you may find that your skills alone are not enough. Sometimes the size of the lightbox is a serious obstacle. When installing large advertisements, our clients often order special cranes that can help safely and accurately place the lightbox on the building facade.

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